Make sure you are getting all the tax credits and refunds you are entitled to.

 3 EASY WAYS to get your taxes done for FREE!

1.  If your household income is less than $55,000, you qualify to have your taxes prepared free, in person, at a local VITA site.

2.  If your household income is less than $66,000, you can go to a FSA (Facilitated Self Assistance) site where a volunteer can help you with signing onto and using software to DO YOU OWN TAX RETURN for free.

3.  If your household income is less than $66,000, you can DO YOUR OWN tax return for free at home or at a public computer site at

List of all items you will need to prepare your taxes…. either at home or at a site.


If you are in need of an ADA accommodation to file your taxes in person, please contact your local filing site or call 1-855 698 9435 for information